Fudan University Delegation September 2009

Fudan University Delegation of 15 people led by Chairman of the Board Yuan Tianfan, Party Secretary Qin Shaode will visit the U.S. by late September.  The  delegation will visit leading universities in the U.S. including University of Chicago, Rice University, UCSF and Stanford University for discussions on academic exchange, research and development collaboration, and recruiting.

The delegation will be in the San Francisco Bay Area between September 26th and September 29th, and will meet with local alumni on September 27th, 2009.

Please go to https://www.fdaanc.org/RSVP/ to register for the event.

Below are the members of the Delegation:

  • Yuan Tianfan (袁天凡), Fudan University, Board of Director (校董)
  • Qin Shaode (秦绍德), Chancelor (书记)
  • Chen Yinzhang (陈寅章), Assistant to President (校长助理)
  • Jin Xiaofeng (金晓峰), Dean, Physics Department (物理系系主任)
  • Wu Quanshui (吴泉水), Dean, School of Mathematics (数学学院院长)
  • Tang Yi (唐颐), Dean, Chemistry Department (化学系系主任)
  • Zang Binyu (臧斌宇), Deputy Dean, School of Computer Science (计算机学院执行副院长)
  • Peng Zhexi (彭希哲), Dean, Social Development and Public Policy (社会发展与公共政策学院院长)
  • Yuan Zhigang (袁志刚), Dean, School of Economics (经济学院院长)
  • Xu Xiaoyin (许晓茵), Deputy Dean, School of Economics (经济学院副院长)
  • Wu Xinbo (吴心伯), Deputy Dean, School of International Relations and Public Affairs (国际关系与公共事务学院副院长)
  • Zhang Shuangli (张双利), Deputy Dean, School of Philosophies (哲学学院副院长)
  • Liu Ye (刘晔), Deputy Director, Alumni & Advancement Office (外联处副处长)
  • Ding Li (丁力), Deputy Director, Alumni & Advancement Office (外联处副处长)
  • Li Hong (李红), Director, Foreign Affairs (American) (外事处美洲事务主任)

Please go to https://www.fdaanc.org/RSVP/ to register for the event.

FDAANC (Fudan University Alumni Association of Northern California) is arranging the meeting between the Delegation and local alumni, to facilitate the communication and collaboration among domestic and international alumni.  As a leading university in China, Fudan University has incredible resource in the areas of academics, businesses, government and media.  Fudan alumni shall exploit the resources available and contribute to the development of Fudan University in return.

FDAANC is seeking sponsorship for this event, please contact Kathy Zhao at kathy.zhao@fdaanc.org for more details.  For those alumni and friend who are interested in participating in this event, please pay attention to the emails we send out to alumni in the next few weeks, or check back at www.fdaanc.org for any update.


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