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相辉堂 ( )(原名登辉堂,文革期间称为大礼堂)是复旦大学校园内最具历史意义的建筑。其命名来源于马相伯和李登辉两位老校长的名字。马相伯是复旦大学的创始人,李登辉是复旦的重要建设者。相辉堂是复旦人共同的精神家园,她见证了复旦近一个世纪的风雨沧桑,也凝集了几代复旦人对母校的记忆。


李达三、陈曾焘两位老校友已承诺捐赠人民币1600万元;上海、 北京、江浙、湖南、香港等地的校友会和校友也已纷纷响应,策划以校友会、班级、或个人的形式参与母校的发展。复旦大学北加州校友会也积极支持本次捐赠活动,号召校友们大力支持,回馈母校。


相辉堂保护修缮项目的正式网页为 。在北美的捐赠将收到非营利机 构捐赠免税收据(请参看所附FAQ)。其他相关问题请和北加州复旦校友会 联系。





1. What is the official web site for the project?

The official web site for the project is

2. Where should I send a check in US?

1) Bank Transfer:
户  名: Fudan University Education Development Foundation
账  号: 993-225-9240
开户银行: CITIBANK, N.A. (Park & E.57TH Branch)
ABA No. : 021000089
Swift Code:CITIUS33
2) Check :
户  名: Fudan University Education Development Foundation
邮寄地址(美国):IARU, 55 Whitney Avenue, Suite 400,New Haven, CT 06510-1300

3) Donate Online : google checkout
3. Should I fill out a form when I donate?

Yes. You can also find the form at the official web site. Please enclose the form with check and meanwhile email it to . It will help us to confirm your donation as soon as possible.

4. How to select a seat if I donate $1500 or more?

Please go to the to choose and book your seat.

5. How long does it usually take for me to receive a receipt?

If we got the check or donation through any other means, we will send a receipt with 501.3C tax exempt ID. Usually it takes us one to two weeks to send you the receipt from our Yale Office.

2010 Summer Alumni BBQ

2010 Summer Alumni BBQ

Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010, 11:00AM

Please mark your calendar for the biggest event of the year: 2010 Summer BBQ, which is co-organized by 6 alumni associations: FDAANC, SJTU-SV, ECNUAA, ECUSTAA and SHUTCM, TJUAASFB. Summer BBQ has become a popular tradition among our alumni and friends. SJTU-SV and sister alumni associations have been co-hosting this event since 2003, and our joint efforts have made this annual event more fun and more unforgettable to everybody.

More than 300 people will attend this event on estimate, and every one of them has something nice to say about it, from the food to all the activities. It is an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends, to meet new ones, to network, and to have fun!

============ ====
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– Delicious food including fruit, beef, chicken, and the usual hot dogs and noodles.

– During the event, we will have the Yu Lan Cup Volleyball Tournament with teams from SJTU-SV and other fellow alumni associations. Come rally for your team!

– The Pu Jiang Cup Tug-Of-War game among associations has been quite an attraction for a few years now. Come and see who will win this year!

– Many other fun games such as, pinyada, water melon eating, water balloon, and tied race for everybody (kids and adults) to enjoy.

– There is a playground for kids as well. We arranged fun games for the little ones, so please bring them along and have fun!

To help us better prepare for the event, please register online ahead of time.

Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time: 11:00AM – 3:00PM

If paid online , $12 for adult, $8 for kids between 5 and 12, free for kids under 5;
If paid onsite, $18 for adult, $12 for kids between 5 and 12, free for kids under 5;

Rengstorff Park
201 South Rengstorff Avenue
Mountain View, CA CA 94040 US

Online Registration: (cut off at midnight on Thursday 9/9)
(Pre-pay through PayPal or CreditCard. When checking out, you can select either Credit Card or Paypal)

Hope to see you all on Saturday September 11th!

Fudan University Alumni Association North Californa (FDAANC)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association of SV (SJTU-SV)
East China Normal University Alumni Association (ECNUAA)
East China University of Science and Technology Alumni Association (ECUSTAA)
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM)
Tong Ji University Alumni Association San Francisco Bay Chapter (TJUAASFB)