Night of Shanghai 2006

Dear Alumni & Friends,

“Night of Shanghai 2006”, the 5th annual Fudan-JiaDo event held on 02/11/2006, made the past Saturday night an unforgettable night.

Even before the party was started, red gift bags from Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. (thanks Fudan graduate Freda Wang) lit up the entire place, and filled everyone’s heart with the spirit of the Chinese New Year.

Bamboo Garden Restaurant did a good job in providing delicious food to 16 tables, that were fully taken by about 180 Fudan/JiaoDa alumni. Every one of us enjoyed the dishes.

The performances started with a nice “review lesson” of all the fun phrases in Shanghai Dialect, which brought back so many fond college-year memories to all of us. Professional dancers danced in traditional Chinese dresses, which added colors to the night.

The highlight of the night was the round of introduction of every participant by a representative from each table. All 16 table representatives did an excellent job, with brief speeches filled with humor, wisdom, and great information too. It was such a great way to get everybody involved, and waves of compliments right after the party showed us how much we enjoyed those speeches.

Also, Night of Shanghai 2006 saw good-bye speech from Selena She, 3rd FDAANC president from 2003-2004. Selena and her family will move back Shanghai next week. FDAANC would like to thank Selena for her significant contributions to our alumni association, especially her effort in promoting FDAANC to local Chinese communities. We wish Selena and her family all the best in their new adventures in Shanghai. One wishful thinking from us is to have Selena set up FDAANC branch office in Shanghai 🙂

If you missed the party, you can view some of the party photos below. However, nothing compares to the real experience, so don’t miss out next year NoS party.

FDAANC would like thank the following Fudan alumni who helped organize this annual event: Angie Yuan, Peng Cheng, Joanna Gao, XiaoTong Hu, Joyce Li, Helena Liu, Yehua Owens, and Monica Xu. Also, thank Joyce who made donations to the event.

Last but not the least, wishing all of our alumni a most prosperous and joyful Year of the Dog filled with success, love, peace, and happiness!

With warm regards,
-Jason Ding

2005-Year FDAANC BOD Chair

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