Three Hi-Tech Leaders’ New Year’s Resolution

From: FuDan Alumni Association and CINA
Location: Fenwick & West, LLP, 801 California St, Mountain View, CA 94041
When: Monday, January 9 2006, 06:30pm to 08:30pm
Language: Chinese

Jesse Z Fang, Director, Intel PSL
Qi Lu, Vice President of Engineering of Yahoo! Inc.
James Mi, Head of Asia Products at Google.

Jason Ding, President of Fudan Alumni Association, Northern California

As the New Year is just starting and Chinese New Year is around the corner, how about getting bootstrap from three outstanding Chinese individuals in Hi-Tech industry so that we are ready for the beginning and possibly new ventures in the New Year?

In this event, you will hear from three outstanding Chinese executives about their New Year’s resolutions, their companies’ new strategies, especially their China strategies, and their vision about the future. We will ask them some, if not all, of the following questions:

* What are your New Year?�s resolutions
* What are the turning points in your life
* What are your companies??China Strategies
* What will be the future of Silicon Valley
* What is the most important thing in your life
* What advices do you have to Fudan alumni and CINA members
* Who were your Mentors
* What are the best strategy for change you recommend in year 2006 and beyond
* What is the definition of success

Jesse Fang, Director, Intel PSL

Jesse Fang is Director and Chief Scientist of Programming System Lab at Intel Corporation Technology Group (CTG). Jesse has been working at Intel for 10 years. His lab is currently working on multi-core and many-core on ?�die?? Before joining Intel, Jesse worked at Hewlett-Packard Research Labs on Itanium Architecture. Between Intel and HP Labs, Jesse ran a start-up company to design multi-media chips. Before HP Labs, Jesse worked on supercomputer and real-time systems at Convex Corp. and Concurrent Corp.

Jesse was professor at Kansas State University after he did Post-Doctor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He received his MS and PhD in Computer Science from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and his BS in Mathematics from Fudan University in Shanghai. He also served as a faculty member in Computer Science Department of Fudan University before coming to the States.

Qi Lu, Vice President of Engineering of Yahoo! Inc.

Qi Lu is a VP of Engineering of Yahoo! Inc. responsible for the technology development of Yahoo’s Search and Marketplace businesses unit, which includes the company’s search, e-commerce, and local listings businesses and products. Prior to joining Yahoo! in 1998, Qi was a Research Staff Member at IBM Almaden Research Center. Before that, Qi worked at Carnegie Mellon University as a Research Associate, and at Fudan University in China as a computer science faculty member. He holds 20 US patents.

Qi received his BS and MS in Computer Science from Fudan University and PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

James Mi, Head of Asia Products at Google.

James Mi is Head of Asia Products at Google, responsible for product management and strategy for Asia markets. Previously he was co-founder and VP of Business Development and Marketing of iTelco Communications. Before that, he was with Intel and held various management positions in engineering, product and market development.

James received BS Physics degree from Fudan University in 1989 and MS in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 1991. He holds 12 US patents.

Jason Ding, President of Fudan Alumni Association (Northern California)

Jason Ding is a Sr. Manager of Cisco Systems’ Application Oriented Networking (AON) new business venture. Prior to joining Cisco in early 2005, Jason was a Sr. Manager at Ariba Inc. (2000-2005), where he managed performance and scalability for 10+ product releases, initially for Ariba?�s e-Procurement core product and later on for all Ariba?�s enterprise applications. Jason also worked at Intel (1994-2000) as a computer architect on performance of Pentium, Pentium Xeon and Itanium products. During 1998-2000, Jason led cross-site teams jump-started Application Solution Center (ASC) at Intel Shanghai.

Jason was a computer science faculty member at Fudan University and participated design and implementation of China?�s very first OSI network. He also conducted network research at British Telecom Research Labs in UK. Jason received his BS and MS from Fudan University and PhD from Texas A&M University, all in computer science.

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