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Fudan-Jiaoda Summer BBQ Party 2005

Location: Rengstorf Park, 201 South Rengstorf Avenue, Mountain View, CA
Date: August 28th, 2005, Sunday
Time: From 11:00am

Dear alumni & friends,

On Sunday, 8/28, about 200 Fudan/JiaoDa alumni and their family/friends gathered in Mountain Rangstoff park and had a wonderful BBQ party. In addition to enjoying variety of BBQ food, nice weather, and friendship, we also held two “traditional” annual competitions:

(1) “Pu Jiang Cup” Fudan-JiaoDa Tug of War Game: Fudan won the “Pu Jiang Cup” for the 2nd year;

(2) “Yu Lan Cup” Volleyball Tournament: Ten teams attended the tournament. After ~5 hour fierce competition, JiaoDa Team won the Yu-Lan Cup; Fudan Team and USTC Team won the 2nd and 3rd places.

Organizing events at such scale needed help from many of our alumni. Following Fudan alumni, along with JiaoDa team, have made significant contributions to this event:

(1) Jason (Computer Science), overall organizer
(2) YiWei Chen (Math & CS), purchasing;
(3) Angie Yuan (Foreign Language), purchasing
(4) Yehua Owens (Physics), purchasing>
(5) Monica Xu (Journalism), publicity
(6) Jieming Zhu (CS), Jesse Fang (Math & CS), preparations
(7) Kelly Pu (Law), XiaoTong Hu (Biology), & Cessy Zhang (Economics (?), registration
(8) Freda Wang (Management), sponsorship
(9) Jilin Yao (Management) & Zhenting Lu (EE), Volleyball Team


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Fudan-Jiaoda Pingpong Tournament

Location: the Palo Alto Table Tennis Club, GYM B of the Cubberley Center at 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA
Date: Sunday, July 17, 2005
Fee: Free

On Sunday afternoon, Fudan and JiaoDa Alumni Associations held our 3rd annual ping-pong tournament. This Year, Fudan team, led by Kelly Bu, won the game by landscape: Fudan won 6 games out of 7.

Here are FDAANC Ping-Pong team members:

(1) ChiPing Zhou (Math’83,Math’86), Male Single
(2) John Li (Chinese’85), Male Single
(3) Kelly Bu (Law’93)
(4) Bin Lu: (CS’85)
(5) ChiPing Zhou and John Li: Male Doubles
(6) DaTong Hu (EE Faculty)
(7) Kelly Bu & Bin Lu: Mix Doubles

Here is historical record of annual FDAANC/SJTU-SV annual Ping-Pong tournament:

2003: Fudan won
2004: JiaoDa won
2005: Fudan won.

Congratulations and thanks Kelly, Bin, ChiPing, DaTong and John for winning back the Ping-Pong Cup!


Night of Shanghai 2005

Dear Alumni & Friends,

As many expected, once again we had a great party of Night of Shanghai on Feb 20th. More than 200 alumni and friends registered and participated in the party.

Our alumni showed up very earlier this time. Before the entertainment programs formally kicked off, the auditorium was already full of party atmospheres. Our volunteers were busy around to decorate the night. Colored balloons were hanging around everywhere. Dinner tables were well dressed up awaiting our guests. The professional music DJs fueled the room with all your favorite holiday melodies. But the highlight of course belongs to the stage. The decoration would bring up your memory of the familiar sky line and city landscape of a Shanghai night. Don’t get too nostalgia if you haven’t been back to Shanghai for long. The party just brought you so close to the city.

The program started with traditional Chinese Lion Dance and Kongfu Show. It quickly attracted all the audience to the stage, where our professional tier MCs would lead us to two hours of continuous enjoyment, fun and applauses. Not enough yet, the happy hours continued with dancing, until we had to say bye-bye. Just to be sure, the Night Of Shanghai will come back again, and bring you better experience.

If you have missed the party, please wait for publish of the party photos and videos. That is a way to make it up a little. The best thing to do is to not miss any more. Join the next Night of Shanghai!

Having enjoyed so much, we wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge to the volunteers from both alumni associations. A successful party like this can only happen with the great team work and dedication from both Fudan and JiaoDa volunteers.

Monica Xu is the first one that we should thank. We can not imagine how much effort she had to put in to organize such a wonderful performance. Monica and James looked great on stage.

Jason and Alan have been taking the leading role as the organizers. Jason’s action items are as detailed as a space program project. Alan had made great contribution in marketing the event and helped pull in more attendees in the last week. The party exceeded our expectation with more than 200 people showed up under unfavorable conditions.

Selena, Leo and Jason had put in long hours to work out a fun program together. Selena had been leveraging resources from her business. We are indebt to her for that.

Peng Cheng and Sean Yao have been the two most reliable persons to take care of the food and other logistics. How can our party be successful without them?

Maggie Cai, William Lu, Zhao Miangang, May Lee, Jean Ouyang, Elaine Sun, Tony Ling, etc. from JiaoDa, and Hu Xiaotong, Joanna, and Helena from Fu Dan have been extremely effective and supportive. Yehua’s kid’s corner is very well organized.

Once again, our indebtedness and salute to our NoS Preparation Team and all our volunteers. Thanks to all of you!

Wish you all a prosperous new year!


Summer BBQ 2004

Location: Rengstorf Park, 201 South Rengstorf Avenue, Mountain View, CA
Date: August 7th, 2004, Saturday
Time: From 11:00am

2004 summer BBQ party, organized by the Fudan University Alumni Association (Northern California) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association (Sillicon Valley) was a huge success.

We caught up with old friends and met new friends.

The tug-of war game attracted lots of people, got everybody very excited, and Fudan team was the winner!

We had our first Yulan Cup Volleyball Tournament. It was very successful! We had nine teams registered. After a whole afternoon hard games, the final champion was Team Fudan!!! Jiaoda won the second place. Team Fremont won the third place.

The Yulan Cup Volleyball Tournament scores:
Semifinal —

* Fudan: Fremont 2:1 (21:25, 25:13, 15:6)
* Jiaoda: Cnetworks 2.1 (25:18, 19:25, 15:8)
* Final — Fudan: Jiaoda 2:0 (25:20, 25:18)
* Final for the third place — Fremont : Cnetworks 2:1 (17:25, 25:20, 15:7)

Fudan-Jiaoda Pingpong Tournament 2004

Location: Palo Alto Sports Club, Gym B, Cubberley Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA
Date: Saturday, May 8, 2004
Fee: Free

It was nice to take a break at the beginning of the summer and just be passionate on sports! We had a successful tournament. JiaoDa team won the game and thus took back the “Fudan-JiaoDa Ping-Pong Championship Cup”.
Detailed results:
# Male Singles: 2:2
# Female Single: 1:0 (JiaoDa won)
# Mixed: 1:0 (JiaoDa won)
# Male Doubles: 1:0 (JiaoDa won)Everyone participated had a great time. We will do it again next year!