Summer of Pujiang BBQ 2011

2011 Summer Alumni BBQ

“Summer of Pu Jiang” comes soon. Please mark your calendar to join the biggest event in the year of 2011 Summer BBQ, which is co-organized by Shanghai University alumni associations: FDAANC, SJTU-SV, ECNUAA, ECUSTAA and TJUAASFB. Summer BBQ has become a popular tradition among our alumni and friends. It has been 9 years since SJTU-SV and sister alumni associations have been co-hosting this great BBQ event from 2003.

It was estimated about 300 people will attend this event in Rengstorff Park at Mountain View. It is the center in Bay Area. There are large space and nice areas of lawn. It is an excellent opportunity to join the summer sun and relax your body and mind, to catch up with old friends, to meet new ones, to network, and to have fun! The events is not only providing food, also provide a platform for the recruitment, help those in needs, and build a strong relationship among various associations and individuals at this traditional annual event.


* Delicious food including beef, chicken, Korean BBQ and fruits.
* Yu Lan Cup Volleyball Tournament with teams is from SJTU-SV, FDAANC and other fellow alumni associations will be opened at the events.
* The Pu Jiang Cup Tug-Of-War game is the best exacting at the BBQ.
* Pinyada, water balloon tired race and water melon eating race for both kids and adults.

To help us better prepare for the event, please RSVP.

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time: 11:00AM – 3:00PM

If paid online, $12 for adult, $8 for kids between 12 and 18, $5 for kids between 6 and 12, free for kids under 5.
If paid onsite, $17 for adult, $10 for kids between 12 and 18, $7 for kids between 6 and 12, free for kids under 5.

Rengstorff Park
201 South Rengstorff Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94040
(corner of Crisanto and Rengstorff)

Online Registration: (cut off at noon on Friday 8/26)

Pre-pay through PayPal or CreditCard. When checking out, you can select either Credit Card or Paypal:

Hope to see you all on Saturday August 27th!

Fudan Alumni Association North Californa (FDAANC)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association of SV (SJTU-SV)
East China Normal University Alumni Association (ECNUAA)
East China University of Science and Technology Alumni Association (ECUSTAA)
Tong Ji University Alumni Association San Francisco Bay Chapter (TJUAASFB)







北加州复旦大学校友会有意参会的人员, 请联系

The 12th Fudan University World Alumni Conference Invitation

中文版,请参考后一篇。 Please read next post for its Chinese version.

The 12th Fudan University World Alumni Conference organized by Fudan University Alumni Association, Shanghai Medical University Alumni Association, Fudan Alumni Association of Washington D.C., Shanghai Medical University Alumni Association of Washington D.C. (a.k.a. “World Alumni Conference”) will take place from May 6th to May 8th, 2011 in Washington D.C.  It is expected to have nearly 1,000 attendees from all over the world. Key government officials from both China and the U.S. are expected to attend the conference as well.

The Fudan University World Alumni Conference is one of the biggest and most influential platforms for Fudan alumni in China. Since the first conference initiated by Fudan alumni Sun Yueqi in 1990, it has been held every other year at the following locations for 11 times: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shandong, Xi’an, Zhenzhou, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Nanchang and Wuhu. While at conference, Fudan alumni gather, share memories, make connections and seek opportunities. In the mean time, alumni and associations from all over the world collaborate and expand Fudan’s reach and enhance its reputation. This year, the World Alumni Conference will provide an excellent opportunity for alumni to reconnect, and enhance Fudan’s influence both in China and throughout the world.

During this World Alumni Conference, special guests like key government officials from China and U.S., as well as distinguished academic scholars and business leaders will meet and reconnect in the U.S. for the first time. The attendees will discuss about improving the collaboration between Fudan University and its alumni in various locations, and increase Fudan University’s influence worldwide. With the administration and leadership team from Fudan University joining the Conference, leading media from China and the U.S will report this significant event to their audience worldwide.

The 12th World Alumni Conference will include the opening ceremony, summit forum, roundtable meetings, special topics forum, talent exchange, project match-making, networking and closing ceremony.

We cordially invited you, and your family and friends to join us at this Conference.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please download the document below for details:


Registration and more details:

Expiry date: February 6th, 2011(Alumni in China); April 1st, 2011(Alumni in other countries)

Fudan Alumni in the Northern California if interested in going in a group, please email to with your name, major, graduation year, number of people, email and phone number.  We will be going as a group if possible, please respond by 3/10/2011.


Please spread the words to people you know that might be interested in going!


由复旦大学校友会、上海医科大学校友会主办,复旦大学华盛顿校友会、上海医科大学华盛顿校友会承办的第十二届复旦大学世界校友联谊会(以下简称 “世联会” )定于2011年5月6日~8日在美国首都华盛顿举行,预计与会的海内外复旦校友将接近1000人。

复旦大学世联会是国内规模最大,影响力最强的大学校友平台之一。自1990年由复旦老学长孙越崎等创办以来,两年一届,已经在香港,上海,北京,重庆,山 东,西安,郑州,深圳,无锡、南昌、芜湖等地成功举办十一届。会议期间,复旦校友们欢聚一堂,共叙友情,共谋发展;同时复旦校友和校友会作为平台促进校地 合作,扩大复旦影响力的作用也不断得到发展和提升。秉承弘扬复旦精神、加强世界各地校友联系和交流的宗旨,本届世联会将由校友会牵线搭台,以扩大复旦海内 外影响力为主线,为所有复旦校友提供一个国内与国外全面对接的良好机会。




有意参加次次会议的校友,请直接参考以下网站报名:。报名截止日期: 中国国内校友2011年2月6日前,海外校友在4月1日前。

北加州的校友可以结伴同行,  若有意与其他北加州的校友同行,请email至



Night of Shanghai 2011

You are cordially invited to the much-anticipated Night of Shanghai 2011. This is a special Chinese New Year celebration jointly hosted by up to 6 alumni associations on February 26, 2011 from 5 to 9pm at China China Restaurant & Buffet.

You will enjoy good food, games and prize drawing, catch up with many friends across 6 different associations, expand your network, find a business partner, or simply have a good time!

This year, we have arranged a top Chinese Doctor in Silicon Valley to share their tips about anti-aging and living a healthy life.  You will enjoy the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, the live band music as well as participating in the prize drawing, with the top prizes being one new iPod Touch and one Amazon Kindle.

With the support of our sponsors, the ticket is sold at only $13 per person, please register right away to avoid being turned away for over capacity.

Special Sponsor:  Wan Qiu Chen, College Admission, Private High School Admission, Internship/Job Counseling, Visit for details.

Sponsor:  Lei Yang, Tom He (Morgan Real Estate & Financial)

Date:  Sat, 02/26/2010, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: China China Restaurant & Buffet, 2570 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051


  • 5:00pm – Registration starts
  • 5:30pm-6:00pm – Chinese doctor’s seminar
  • 6:00-9:00pm – Food service and Social, Prize Drawing


Prepay through Paypal or Credit Card

  • Adults (12+):              $13/seat
  • Kids (6-11):                 $8/seat
  • Young kids (3-5):         $6/seat

Register here: (pay through SJTU-SV payment system to avoid processing fee)

Price (cash or check) at the door:

  • Adults (12+):              $18/seat
  • Kids (6-11):                 $12/seat
  • Young kids (3-5):         $10/seat