Meeting with Executive Team of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd

The executive team of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd will be Silicon Valley on Saturday 2/19/2011.   The company was established in 1998 and went public in Hong Kong Growing Enterprise Market on 8/4/2000, code (GEM HK: 8102.HK), please visit for more details.

The executive team including the CTO and 3 board members of the company is here to investigate the possibilities of establishing an operational site in Silicon Valley, and is seeking technology partners and market expansion.  You will be able to learn about the company, its rapid growth over the past 10 years and the latest development of the semiconductor industry in China.

If you are involved in the semiconductor industry, or working on some innovative technologies, or involved in other areas such as legal, finance and marketing, and are looking for possibilities of working with Fudan Microelectronics, please join us for an informative meeting on Saturday  2/19/2011 in the afternoon.  If you wish to meet with the team to discuss a specific topic or proposal, please send an email to with your contact info before 2/7/2011, a separate meeting can be arranged with the team.

Executives from Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd:

  • Zhang Qianling(章倩苓), Physics  1960, Senior Professor, Board member of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group
  • Yu Jun(俞军), Electronic Engineering 1990, Board member, Vice President of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group
  • Cheng Junxia(程君侠), Physics 1969, Professor, Board member and CTO of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group
  • Ke Guoqing(柯国庆), Physics 1969, Professor, Director of Overseas Business Development of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group

The meeting agenda is as follows:

Venue: 2077 Gold Street, Alviso, CA 95002

Date: Saturday, 2/19/2011


2:00 – 3:00pm: Registration and Networking

3:00 – 4:00pm: Presentation by Fudan Microelectronics

4:00 – 5:00pm: Group or Private Discussion

5:00 – 7:00pm (Optional): Dinner at a local restaurant


Happy Chinese New Year!



200名精英聚集北京 访公司、见VC、听政策




  1. 活动时间:2010年12月19日星期日在北京报到,22日活动结束
  2. 具体日程
    • 12月19日(周日)15:00—22:00报到(地点:北京市紫玉饭店,地址:海淀区增光路55号,电话:010-68411188,网址:
    • 12月20日(周一)和21日(周二)各团具体日程



09:00—10:00  考察中关村创业环境,参观中关村软件园

10:20—11:30 参观汉王科技有限公司、文思创新软件技术有限公司和恒泰艾普科技有限公司,并与相关负责人座谈交流

12:00—13:30  午餐

14:00—15:30  考察中关村创业环境,参观望京留创园,

16:00—17:30  参观精进电动科技(北京)有限公司,与相关负责人座谈交流

18:00—20:00  晚宴(与北极光创投、联想投资、金沙江创投、青云创投、领航资本、软银赛富、清科创投、启明创投、启迪创投、中科金等风投公司负责人交流)


9:30—11:30  考察中关村创业环境,参观海淀留创园和国际孵化器与相关企业负责人座谈交流

12:00—13:30 午餐

14:30—16:00 参加“中关村创业形势报告会”,中关村管委会领导介绍中关村总体情况

16:00—18:00  参加中关村创业讲坛

18:00—20:00  晚宴(紫玉饭店)



09:00—10:00  考察中关村创业环境,参观中关村生命科学园

10:20—11:30  参观博奥公司,与相关负责人座谈交流

12:00—13:30  午餐

14:30—15:30  考察中关村创业环境,参观中关村生物医药园,与生物医药企业负责人座谈交流

15:30—17:00  参观国际孵化器,与生物医药企业相关负责人座谈交流

18:00—20:00  晚宴(与北极光创投、联想投资、金沙江创投、青云创投、领航资本、软银赛富、清科创投、启明创投、启迪创投、中科金等风投公司负责人交流)


09:30—10:30  参观中关村大兴生物医药产业基地

10:30—11:30  与生物医药企业相关负责人座谈交流

12:00—13:30 午餐

14:30—16:00  参加“中关村创业形势报告会”,中关村管委会领导介绍中关村总体情况

16:00—18:00  参加中关村创业讲坛

18:00—20:00  晚宴(紫玉饭店)



09:00—10:00  考察中关村创业环境,参观环保科技园

10:20—11:30  参观绿创环保集团,与相关负责人座谈交流

12:00—13:30  午餐

14:00—15:30  参观人大留创园,与能源环保企业相关负责人座谈交流

16:00—17:30  参观北交大留创园,与能源环保企业相关负责人座谈交流

18:00—20:00  晚宴(与北极光创投、联想投资、金沙江创投、青云创投、领航资本、软银赛富、清科创投、启明创投、启迪创投、中科金等风投公司负责人交流)


9:30—10:30  考察中关村创业环境,参观昌平园区

10:30—11:30 与能源环保企业相关负责人座谈交流

12:00—13:30 午餐

14:30—16:00 参加“中关村创业形势报告会”,中关村管委会领导介绍中关村总体情况

16:00—18:00 参加中关村创业讲坛

18:00—20:00 晚宴(紫玉饭店)


  1. 报名和参加的条件(之一)
    • 在国外已经创办企业,有意到中关村发展
    • 在国内(北京以外)已经创办企业,有意到中关村发展
    • 有大公司工作经历,有意到中关村创办企业
    • 有过创业经历,有意到中关村创办企业
    • 从国外知名大学毕业,有意到中关村创办企业
    • 已经(或曾经)获得风险投资或天使投资者优先

2.  接待方式:机票自理、北京报到、食宿招待


3.  参团者注意事项


4.  怎样报名?


如有问题,请联系中关村硅谷联络处主任谈锋先生Frank Tan(手机)408 406 3118,

Current Fudan Students Look for Career Advice!

This post is sent on behalf of a current Fudan undergraduate.

Dear Alumni,

My name is Cao Meng (Michelle), a current Fudan undergraduate majoring in economics. I’ll be studying in UC Santa Cruz as an exchange student untill next January.  I’m also a journalist and editor of Fudan Career Newspaper, which provides Fudan undergraduates with career planning suggestions and relevant information. During my stay in California, I hope that I can carry out a series interview among California Fudan Alumni about your opinions on the following two main subjects:

  • Suggestion on further career planning for current Fudan undergraduates who want to achieve master/PHD degrees in America
  • Reflection on Fudan undergraduate education based on working experience i n America: strength and areas for improvement

According to statistics of 2008 and 2009, 20% of Fudan graduates will choose to study abroad and over 50% of them will choose American schools!

In 2010, there are altogether 337 new Fudan graduates come to study in American universities !!

Your advice will be very extremely valuable and enlightening for those students who are now planning furthering study in America!

The interview will only take about 30-45 minutes, and I’ll come to the place where you think is most convenient to you.

If you are interested, please send an email to with:

  1. First Name and Last Name
  2. Degree and major in Fudan (Year of Graduation)
  3. Current Company and Title

Many thanks for your time and help!!


Cao Meng (Michelle)
Mobile: (408)963-8226
Skype: meng890609

Fudan Business Club Monthly Meeting September 2010

Fudan Business Club Monthly Meeting

We are a group of entrepreneurs that graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai China.  We gather to share ideas, technologies, experiences about starting up and managing businesses and investments.  If you are interested in joining, please come to one of our events like this one.

Speaker: Yan Zhou, CEO, ForeverPure (

Topic: Trends and Development in the Green Energy Market

The CEO of ForeverPure, Yan Zhou will give a business presentation about the general market, industry and technology updates in the green energy market, as well as the specific projects his company is working on.  It is an excellent event for people who are interested in learning more about the industry.

Time: 9/30/2010 Thursday, 7-9pm. Presentation from 7:30-8:30pm.

Place: 2077 Gold Street, Conference Room B, Alviso, CA 95002

Pizza and water will be provided.  First time attendees of Fudan Business Club free. Registration is required for all attendees, space is limited.


Application for The 11th Fudan University Global Alumni ConventionAppli


本月20日,华盛顿复旦校友会将在中国安徽举办的第十一届复旦世界校友联谊会上,申办2011年第十二届复旦世界校友联谊会。 (2009复旦大学第十一届世界校友联谊会 (The 11th Fudan University Global Alumni Convention))

复旦世界校友联谊会即将举办第十一届,举办地均在中国大陆范围之内,尚未在海外举办过。我们华盛顿复旦校友会提出申办2011年第十二届联谊大会, 目的是:1)希望复旦世界校友联谊会能在海外召开一次,从而使复旦世界校友联谊会成为名副其实的全世界复旦校友联谊的盛会。届时,我们将向全世界复旦校友 发出与会邀请;2)北美有近一、两万复旦校友。大会在北美召开,将能凝聚北美众多的复旦校友,为复旦母校作出更大的贡献。





会长: 尤伟顺 703-618-1203
副会长:朱荣胜 408-489-9776
秘书长:刘静 703-581-2595