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Current Fudan Students Look for Career Advice!

This post is sent on behalf of a current Fudan undergraduate.

Dear Alumni,

My name is Cao Meng (Michelle), a current Fudan undergraduate majoring in economics. I’ll be studying in UC Santa Cruz as an exchange student untill next January.  I’m also a journalist and editor of Fudan Career Newspaper, which provides Fudan undergraduates with career planning suggestions and relevant information. During my stay in California, I hope that I can carry out a series interview among California Fudan Alumni about your opinions on the following two main subjects:

  • Suggestion on further career planning for current Fudan undergraduates who want to achieve master/PHD degrees in America
  • Reflection on Fudan undergraduate education based on working experience i n America: strength and areas for improvement

According to statistics of 2008 and 2009, 20% of Fudan graduates will choose to study abroad and over 50% of them will choose American schools!

In 2010, there are altogether 337 new Fudan graduates come to study in American universities !!

Your advice will be very extremely valuable and enlightening for those students who are now planning furthering study in America!

The interview will only take about 30-45 minutes, and I’ll come to the place where you think is most convenient to you.

If you are interested, please send an email to with:

  1. First Name and Last Name
  2. Degree and major in Fudan (Year of Graduation)
  3. Current Company and Title

Many thanks for your time and help!!


Cao Meng (Michelle)
Mobile: (408)963-8226
Skype: meng890609

Application for The 11th Fudan University Global Alumni ConventionAppli


本月20日,华盛顿复旦校友会将在中国安徽举办的第十一届复旦世界校友联谊会上,申办2011年第十二届复旦世界校友联谊会。 (2009复旦大学第十一届世界校友联谊会 (The 11th Fudan University Global Alumni Convention))

复旦世界校友联谊会即将举办第十一届,举办地均在中国大陆范围之内,尚未在海外举办过。我们华盛顿复旦校友会提出申办2011年第十二届联谊大会, 目的是:1)希望复旦世界校友联谊会能在海外召开一次,从而使复旦世界校友联谊会成为名副其实的全世界复旦校友联谊的盛会。届时,我们将向全世界复旦校友 发出与会邀请;2)北美有近一、两万复旦校友。大会在北美召开,将能凝聚北美众多的复旦校友,为复旦母校作出更大的贡献。





会长: 尤伟顺 703-618-1203
副会长:朱荣胜 408-489-9776
秘书长:刘静 703-581-2595



相辉堂 ( )(原名登辉堂,文革期间称为大礼堂)是复旦大学校园内最具历史意义的建筑。其命名来源于马相伯和李登辉两位老校长的名字。马相伯是复旦大学的创始人,李登辉是复旦的重要建设者。相辉堂是复旦人共同的精神家园,她见证了复旦近一个世纪的风雨沧桑,也凝集了几代复旦人对母校的记忆。


李达三、陈曾焘两位老校友已承诺捐赠人民币1600万元;上海、 北京、江浙、湖南、香港等地的校友会和校友也已纷纷响应,策划以校友会、班级、或个人的形式参与母校的发展。复旦大学北加州校友会也积极支持本次捐赠活动,号召校友们大力支持,回馈母校。


相辉堂保护修缮项目的正式网页为 。在北美的捐赠将收到非营利机 构捐赠免税收据(请参看所附FAQ)。其他相关问题请和北加州复旦校友会 联系。





1. What is the official web site for the project?

The official web site for the project is

2. Where should I send a check in US?

1) Bank Transfer:
户  名: Fudan University Education Development Foundation
账  号: 993-225-9240
开户银行: CITIBANK, N.A. (Park & E.57TH Branch)
ABA No. : 021000089
Swift Code:CITIUS33
2) Check :
户  名: Fudan University Education Development Foundation
邮寄地址(美国):IARU, 55 Whitney Avenue, Suite 400,New Haven, CT 06510-1300

3) Donate Online : google checkout
3. Should I fill out a form when I donate?

Yes. You can also find the form at the official web site. Please enclose the form with check and meanwhile email it to . It will help us to confirm your donation as soon as possible.

4. How to select a seat if I donate $1500 or more?

Please go to the to choose and book your seat.

5. How long does it usually take for me to receive a receipt?

If we got the check or donation through any other means, we will send a receipt with 501.3C tax exempt ID. Usually it takes us one to two weeks to send you the receipt from our Yale Office.

Longfeifei Youth Summer Camp FDFZ 2010 (Shanghai)


龙飞飞少年夏令营 复旦附中2010 于今日起在海外开始接受报名。您可能对我们2009年夏令营的成功有所了解,请点击www.longfeifei.com观看我们去年的视频集锦。

复旦附中海外基金会复旦附中教育发展基金联合主办的“龙飞飞少年夏令营 复旦附中2010”定于2010年7月5日至7月23日在复旦大学附属中学正式开营,招生面向国内外年龄为1年级至9年级(2010年秋季)的学生,主要包括复旦大学和复旦附中校友子女以及其他有兴趣参加的少年儿童。

本夏令营依托复旦附中优秀的场地和设施,借鉴美国夏令营企业化的运营模式,为兴趣爱好广泛的中外少年开设包括科技、体育、艺术和手工以及文化课在内 的50 多种营地活动。所有的活动都将用中英文双语展开,不仅让孩子们有机会接触跨文化的趣味活动,而且让他们交到跨国界的朋友,使2010年的夏天成为他们少儿 生活中的亮点。

报名及详细内容,请看龙飞飞少年夏令营网站。 住宿营员名额有限,请速报名。



Dear parents,

LongFeiFei Youth Summer Camp – FDFZ 2010 is now open for registration.  As you may know about our success in 2009, please click to view the videos from last year’s camp.

Jointly sponsored by Fudan Fuzhong Overseas Foundation and Education Development Fund of High School Affiliated to Fudan University (FDFZ), “LongFeiFei Youth Summer Camp – FDFZ 2010” (LongFeiFei Camp or Camp) will take place at FDFZ from July 5 to July 23, 2010. The camp is open to the children of alumni from Fudan University and FDFZ, as well as other children who are interested in attending (Campers). The Camp is open to Campers from grade 1 (one) to 9 (nine) by September 2010.

Located on the 13 acre (82 mu) site of FDFZ, the Camp models itself after American style camps with more than 50 activities offered including sports, arts and crafts, language and cultural exchange and science and technolog. LongFeiFei is designed as an English and Chinese bilingual camp where children can learn and improve their language skills and make friends with other campers from around the world. With a full schedule of classes and fun activities, 2010 will be a memorable summer for the young Campers.

Please go to longfeifei websit for detail:

Best regards,
Longfeifei Summer Camp Committee






日月光华,交相辉映。“相辉堂”馆名取自马相伯、李登辉两位老校长之名。1946年,李登辉老校长将校友们为他筹集的颐养金三十余两黄金用于学校大 礼堂的筹建;1947年初夏,登辉堂在被炸毁的第一宿舍废墟上展现新容。同年7月5日,李登辉校长在这里作了最后一次讲演,提出了“服务、牺牲、团结”之 复旦精神。1985年复旦校庆八十周年,登辉堂改名相辉堂,以永远纪念马相伯和李登辉两位校长,周谷城教授题写匾名,倍显庄重神圣。


因年代久远,相辉堂内部设施陈旧,已日渐不能满足师生各项活动的需求,修缮迫在眉睫。应学校发展之需和广大校友的呼吁,修缮工作将以“保持风貌、提 升功能” 为原则,修缮后的相辉堂将成为学校庆典、大型会议、文艺表演以及影视观摩等重要活动的场地,配有多功能活动厅、演出化妆间和接待厅等辅助设施,功能更趋完 善。

今年6月,生物系8523班级同学毕业20年返校聚会,得悉相辉堂的修缮项目后,当即以班级名义发出倡议,并启动了班级的筹款。作为母校近年最可凝 聚人心的发展项目,也作为校友、师生、社会各界对复旦大学105周年校庆的献礼,2009年9月18日,相辉堂保护修缮项目的筹募活动正式启动,得到了广 大海内外校友的积极响应和支持。

截至目前,李达三、陈曾焘两位老校友已承诺捐赠人民币1600万元;西安校友会顾问徐彦平代表校友会和“高山流水”承诺捐资人民币200万;上海、 北京、江浙、湖南、香港等地的校友会和校友也已纷纷响应,策划以校友会、班级、或个人的形式参与母校的发展;母校师生的捐赠活动也将拉开序幕。






校友会 程翀:
电话:86-21-55664307/4929 EMAIL:

基金会 香港:林晶晶
电话:852-25289188 EMAIL:

电话:1-917-386-8482 EMAIL: